Thursday, July 14, 2005

You've only got one body

For some reason people don't seem to take good care of their bodies anymore. Perhaps in the current age of convenience everyone is more concerned with making money and buying things they can be proud of instead of investing time and energy into the way that they look.

Maybe that is why I keep seeing so many fat people driving around big fancy SUV's with big fat tires on them. They want you to see their car tires, not the spare tire around their midsection.

It seems that for some reason people, especially Americans, don't look at the long-term affects of eating poorly. If you take care of yourself when you are young your chances of looking and staying young are much better when you are older.

Not only do people make poor food choices on a daily basis, but they insist on other addictions like cigarettes or alcohol. Even worse some people choose drugs.

Your body is a temple and when you have lost everything else in this world it is the only thing that you will have to hold on to - so TAKE CARE OF IT!!

Start with something small like sugary drinks - give them up at least one day a week and then stretch that out to two days a week and eventually you will find that you don't want them anymore at all.

Each day do something just for your body whether it is eating a piece of fruit, taking a brisk walk, or at taking a multi-vitamin. In the end you will be glad you did and soon you might be Freakin' Hot too.


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